Completing a Shower Remodel for the Buffum Family well ahead of schedule in Westfield, MA

Pictured here is Ms. Buffum and lead installer, Roberto, after the completion of her tub to shower conversion in Westfield, MA

Preparing your home for the future can be a stressful experience for many homeowners. The list of home improvements needed can be daunting, especially when it comes to a bathroom and shower remodel. As you get older, you should be comfortable using your spaces with your level of accessibility. With back surgery scheduled, Ms. Buffum contacted Yankee Home with a specific and timely need: to convert her existing bathtub into a walk-in shower. She sought a shower remodel that would allow her to heal and manage her daily routines independently, enhancing her quality of life during recovery and beyond.

“I was really happy. I didn’t have a date set yet [for surgery]. You worked with my deadline.”

Project Overview: Shower Remodel Conversion From Tub to Walk-In Shower

The project centered around replacing a traditional tub with a fully functional walk-in shower, tailored to Ms. Buffum’s personal needs and aesthetic preferences. Key features of this renovation included a non-slip shower base, strategically placed grab bars, a comfortable shower seat, and a multifunctional shower head, all designed to provide safety and independence.

Ms. Buffum’s tub and shower before renovation.

Solution Strategy: Accessibility, Communication and Efficiency

After a detailed consultation with our design consultant, Tim, Ms. Buffum chose features and designs that not only enhanced the bathroom’s functionality but also aligned with her personal style. The renovation plan included:

Tub Removal and Demolition of Existing Shower:

Careful demolition of the existing bathtub and shower that exposed all of the studs and floorboards to ensure a blank slate was our new starting point. All materials removed from the home were taken off the property and disposed of by Yankee Home.

Plumbing Upgrades:

Adjustments and enhancements to the existing plumbing were made to support the new shower design and accessories. A heating duct was previously running underneath the old tub that had to be rerouted to allow for the shower base to be installed. This plumbing was done at no additional charge even though it was something that was unexpected. Yankee Home’s quote is firm, with no surprise charges. Ventilation was inspected and improvements were made as necessary to ensure proper air flow.

Shower Remodel:

Installation of Ms. Buffum’s chosen products was designed for ease of use and durability with placement of shower seat and grab bars at optimal heights for her accessibility. After installation was complete, an inspection of the bathroom was done by the installation crew and the homeowner to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Demolition and Installation

The installation team, Roberto and Alex, executed the project with exceptional professionalism and minimal disruption. They kept the work area clean and actively communicated with Ms. Buffum, ensuring her comfort throughout the process. Ms. Buffum was involved in every decision, from the initial design to the final placements of safety features. This collaborative approach ensures that the end product was perfectly suited to her needs.

Shower Remodel Outcome

The project concluded with a beautiful and practical walk-in shower that allows Ms. Buffum to maintain her independence and manage her recovery comfortably. The bathroom now features:

Enhanced Safety: Non-slip surfaces, easy-to-reach grab bars, and a stable shower seat.

Aesthetic Appeal: A design that reflects Ms. Buffum’s personal style, making the space not only functional but also welcoming.

Increased Home Value: With modern upgrades and high-quality fixtures, the renovation also served to increase the value of Ms. Buffum’s home.

What Ms. Buffum has to say about her new shower:

“Every step they stopped to tell me what they were doing next. They knew what was best for me, and I was happy with that. I would not have known anybody worked in here at all. There was not a spec of dust, there’s no debris. Everything was just perfect! They’re very easy to work with. They go with your ideas. They don’t try to sell you anything, it’s like you design your own! And if you don’t have that ability to design something, I’m sure they would come up with something very nice.”

Yankee Home Shower Remodel, Westfield, MA
After Yankee Home’s 1-Day Shower Remodel! This shower features a non-slip shower base, London Fog Flagstone design, two grab bars, shower seat, multi-functional shower head and curtain rod.

Ms. Buffum expressed her satisfaction with the results, highlighting the quiet efficiency of the installation team and the transformation of her bathroom into a safe, stylish, and functional space.

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