Yankee Rewards Program


How It Works:

Refer your friends and family to us and get $200 when they complete their project with Yankee Home.*

To submit a referral please call or email Rik Rolski with your referral details.

Email: RRolski@yankeehome.com

MA/CT: 413-406-2947

NY Area: 518-659-0123

Rik will send you a receipt of referral which will need to be turned in at the time of sale to claim your $200 reward.


Call Rik and tell us about a friend you want to introduce to Yankee Home.



Provide us with the name and contact information for your friend.



Once we meet with your friend, and they purchase our product, we will send you your $200 reward!

*Terms and Conditions:

Referrals must be verified prior to purchase. Yankee will provide you with a receipt of referral which must be presented to redeem $200. Minimum purchase of 6 windows or complete bath or shower project. Payment made in the form of a check after project is completed and paid in full. Valid through 12/31/2024.

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