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Tiernan Cabot – Hartford Bags of Love

At age 9, Tiernan was inspired by a man who told me about his life on the streets, to give back to my community as much as he could. He created this organization which provides “bags of love” full of basic essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, socks, and deodorant, and work with our community to spread these “bags of love” throughout Connecticut, and the world. We have been lucky to assist this organization including sponsoring this years Sleep Out to End Homelessness.
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Officer Barrett – Footwear with Care

Officer Jim Barrett, a Hartford police officer on a mission to help as many homeless people as he possibly can. He transformed a SWAT vehicle into a mobile homeless outreach center. Barrett regularly organizes collections and distributes footwear, shoes, socks, etc. for the homeless in partnership with Footwear with Care.

Since 2016, FwC has been delivering durable and well-fitting walking shoes and boots as well as medical foot screenings to homeless children and adults in Hartford. To help homeless people secure and keep jobs, it also provides steel-toed boots, non-slip kitchen shoes, and dress footwear for work in construction, culinary services, and offices.

Ruth Willemain – Harmony House

Retired educator 84 year old Ruth Willemain, founded the Harmony House in 2017 with a dream and a plan. Harmony House is to provide compassionate care for terminally ill individuals within a comfortable, loving, home-like environment. Harmony House is a social model home for those who are facing the end of their lives alone, without adequate caregiver support. We are dedicated to maintaining the honor and dignity of each resident during the final stages of life.

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Margaux Murphy – The Sunday Love Project

To learn more about Yankee’s connection with the Sunday Love project, read the story at and discover how a chance encounter with a homeless man could lead to a life-long friendship. The Mission of The Sunday Love Project is to share food amongst the homeless, while simultaneously building community. Their efforts aim to break bread with those who are struggling to make their way back into society as contributing members. We are a liaison between a hungry, struggling mind and a focused, nourished soul. Each week The Sunday Love Project serves over 500 meals to those in need.

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Bob “The Bike Guy” Charland – Pedal Through Youth

Bob is the Founder of Pedal Thru Youth, Inc. He started working with children in 2003 when he leads a Girl Scout Troop for his daughter and coached her softball team. He started teaching automotive for Willie Ross School for the Deaf in 2012. Around the same time, he started fixing up bikes to donate to less fortunate kids. In 2017, after being diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, he decided that he wanted to create a formal organization and start donating bikes to large groups of children. Thus, the idea for Pedal Thru Youth was born. Bob has received numerous awards from local government and community agencies for his contributions to the community, including being recognized by the Springfield City Council and the Center for Human Development in 2017. He currently works and lives in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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