Thank You


for another great year

Americans Helping Americans

A client Ilona stopped by with a gift and talked with me about her husband Doug. Doug worked for us for years before he passed. He was the most selfless man I ever met and thought me so much.

John and Rich (Chicopee ex mayor) stop by office for grand reopening and offer advice on Harmony House project.

The board of Harmony House meet at Yankee to make Ruth’s vision a reality. What an incredible group of people.


After three months of hearing about “worst case scenarios”, “the new normal” and listening to Americans criticizing Americans it is refreshing and heartwarming to see all kinds of ordinary citizens coming together to help and inspire one another during a global pandemic.

I came to America for economic reasons and fell in love with a warm, optimistic and loving country that offered hope to a young Irish immigrant. For the last 6 years Yankee has taken out full pages in local newspapers to express my gratitude to a country that has provided me so much, while pointing out what some might not notice, especially during these last few weeks.For example;

A Springfield covid-19 nurse returns home at midnight after a 12 hour shift to see her home in flames. A Yankee Home team member Kara Mainville steps up to take in the nurses daughter who lives on her street, who is now temporarily without a home. The community rallies and comes together to help this family rebuild by generously contributing to their Gofundme page. Americans looking out for Americans.

Then there’s the unstoppable 85 year old Ruth Willemain continuing to push forward with her dream of building Harmony House. A home where people could live out the last few days of their lives with dignity. Part Mother Theresa, part Clint Eastwood she rallied and inspired the many volunteers at great personal risk. She plowed forward with her handmade purple mask, social distancing all the while. I am incredibly honored to be a part of a truly inspirational persons dream. The local community volunteering and donating their resources during this crisis is a testament to America.

Cut off from my homeless friend Jake (theJakeStory.com) for 3 months all the while following Philadelphia death tolls and wondering if he made it. Then a collect call, Jake warning me and my wife Anna not to come down. His explanation of what was going on in his hometown not knowing it was global, warmed my heart, grounded me and made me count my blessings even more.

As Yankee Home has grown over the years we have received many calls and letters on these yearly July 4th pontifications. None more poignant than one from Jerry Lucey. Now framed in our office he wrote an impassioned letter reiterating my views of America. Recalling returning from Vietnam and getting spat on while marching down Tremont Street in Boston. This didn’t stop his love of his country.

This immigrant’s view of America remains unchanged. While not perfect this country we call home is still that optimistic, warm and loving place he set foot on decades ago.

Thanks for reading. Thank You America. Happy July 4th and God bless her as She rebuilds.

Ordinary Americans coming together to help one lady’s dream of building a home where local people can live out the last few days of their lives peacefully.

Michele at Verizon and Anna patiently teach Jake the in’s and out’s of his first cellular phone.

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