How To Know When It Is Time To Update Your Shower?

beautiful upgrade shower with all the ammenities

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Whether you are thinking about selling your house or maybe just looking to upgrade your home sweet home, its important to know if your bathroom is in need of an upgrade. Here are some signs that your bathroom is in dire need of an update!


The first sign that your bathroom is in need of some TLC is a pretty obvious one, is anything broken? Cracked tile, leaky faucet, dents in the tub or shower, missing shower head and broken handles. Are any of these plaguing you? Broken showers not only hurt your bathing experience, but they can actually cause some serious damage to your bathroom as a whole. Cracks and dents can lead to mold or mildew all over your bathroom and not to mention it can lead to leaking that can affect the entire rest of the house! Broken showers can also waste water and electricity by having water constantly dripping, which is just like letting money flow down the drain.


The next sign that your bathroom needs an update is if it is Out-of-Date. There are a lot of signs that your tub and shower area could be out-of-date like bright colored tubs out of the 1970s, browning popcorn ceiling, and old traditional fixtures. If you happen to find that your bathroom has carpet flooring, then your bathroom is in desperate need of an update. Some was to get your bathroom up to date and into the modern age are white sinks, subtle and earth tone wall colors and if you have the space many modern bathrooms are moving into his and hers sinks. Keeping your bathroom up to date will make your bathroom the talk of the town or if you are in the market to sell it is a really great way to increase home value.

Little Storage Space:

Older bathrooms often time have little in the way of storage space! Your bathroom may have a knock or cranny for shampoo or maybe a small cabinet behind the mirror but either way it is just not enough for all of your bathroom essentials. Don’t fear however, there are a variety of ways to increase your storage in your bathroom. A few of them are adding shower shelves, towel racks, or a small cabinet.

Bathroom No Longer Fitting Your Needs:

People often age out of bathrooms, whether it is mobility issues or starting a family, you need a bathroom that fits your needs of today. Bath time can be difficult for new parents who only have a shower in the house. So they might want to upgrade to accommodate there changing family structure. Or maybe the kids are already gone and it’s becoming harder and harder to step in and out of your bathtub. You may want to update to something the with be more accommodating of your current mobility.

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