Bath vs. Shower: Which upgrade is right for you?

bath vs shower: which is right for you?
If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, the inevitable question that will come up is should you choose a bath or shower? When choosing what option is going to be best for your home there are a lot of things to consider. 3 questions will help you decide which bathroom option is going to be best for you.

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How much space do you have?

yankee home improvement contractor measuring bathroom for new Bath installation

The first questions we need to ask is what space you want to put this bath or shower in.


A standard tub is around 15 square feet and on average a bathroom is about 40 square feet. A standard tub is going to take up a little under 50% of the average bathroom. This makes a bath not ideal for a small bathroom or for any bathroom you are looking to have a good amount of floor space.


With a shower they tend to be a lot more customizable when it comes to space. Showers can start as small as 12 square feet and can really be as large of a space that you are looking to fill. This allows showers to really fit into any area.

Who is using the Bathroom?

kids testing out new faucet in bathroom

The next thing to ask yourself would be who is going to be using this shower.


If you are planning on starting a family or already have a few young ones, a bath is probably what you are going to want to go with. It’s very difficult for parents of your children to put together bath time with only a shower. As well as if you are looking for a luxury spa experience with bubbling jets or just really enjoy taking a nice hot soak at the end of the day, a bath is going to be the right move.


Now if you aren’t panning on having any kids in the near future or if they are long gone from the house then a shower might be the right way to go. The same is true for many disabled and elderly individuals, showers tend to be the better option for them because they are much easier to get in and out of. Plus, you can add both seats and grab bars for extra safety.

What styles do I want?

various bathoom and shower installation options & styles

Both Baths and Showers come in a variety of styles.


Baths are available in standard, large soaker tubs, classic claw-foot, free standing tubs that are not connected to the wall, luxury whirlpool baths with jets, and even walk-in tub options.


Showers typically come in either an enclosed stall or a walk-in shower with a door or curtain. Showers also tend to be much more customizable that a bathtub.

Some Other things to consider!

Property Value:

As far as property value is concerned a bathtub is going to be the smarter move. Baths have huge appeal for realtors and potential buyers. This feature will really boost the return on investment of your property.

Energy Efficiency:

There is no doubt the more energy efficient option when it comes to the two is a shower. Not only does it take up less water, but it also takes much less time to set up, saving even more.

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