Our New Roof Installed In Montague, MA

Just got an email from a customer out of Montague, Ma. It made us so happy we felt we need to share it with the world!!

Hello Ger & Leo,

I am writing to you about our resent experience with your company. We had a new roof installed, myself and my husband Tom want you to know that we are very satisfied and pleased with all – from the beginning to the end. Your workers work very hard, quality material and the lifetime warranty! Also anytime I called your office everyone was very nice and professional. Roof looks great and we will be contacting your company in the future for future projects!

I do want to mentioned that helped us thru the whole project – was that your Representative Eric B was available and was around to make sure all was going well and helped us with any questions or concerns. For us as a homeowners to have the same representative from the beginning to the end is very important we established trust and piece of mind. Also it is nice to know that the Representative Eric – cares about the whole project and the customers, he was not here just to sell your product and services – he is really representing your company that you do care to satisfy and establish new customers.

Thank you for great service!
–Alena & Tom